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Why The Collective Agency Council is so different from other masterminds in the insurance industry.

A mastermind group benefits from the synergy of energy, commitment and excitement of it's participants. Together, the founders of The Collective raise the bar by directing conversation, setting and implementing goals, brainstorming ideas, and creating a space where the members of the mastermind can support each other with complete honesty and respect.

The Collective Agency Council, at it's core, is no different than most other mastermind. But there is one thing that sets this group apart from the others. And our founders recently discussed this below in Insurance Soup on Facebook.

"Sometimes we forget to talk about things in here.

Prior to evolving our marketing mastermind, Career Agent Concepts, into an AGENCY Mastermind - The Collective Agency Council - we used to flex a bit regularly about the results our clients get when learning to advertise with us.

We have been either nominated or won a number of awards over the years both within the marketing and insurance industries for the work we do both with our own stuff and with what we teach.

Late last week we taught an oldie but a goodie and what's fun about this strategy is that it works both organically AND as a paid ad.

What you are seeing below are results of a little campaign a number of our Agents are running organically.

They're not spending money to generate these leads. These are all coming in at zero cost.

If they decide to utilize the campaign as an actual ad, they will bring in leads for about $2-5 depending on marketplace.

They convert depending on audience between 10-15% on their first run through with other leads converting to policies over time with a strategic drip.

Zero dollars spent.

Flush calendars.

Plenty O' Premium.

We haven't really flexed the ol' King of Insurance Lead Gen muscles in here lately. Mostly because we've been trying to drive other conversations that feel more relevant to the moment.

Conversations about employment. Efficiency. Systems and processes.

Behind the scenes we believe that those are by and large where most agents need help, even though they THINK it's a not enough leads thing.

And that's the cool thing about The Collective. We really deep dive on all things Agency.

Behind the scenes JUST THIS WEEK we have had Agents we know are strong in these areas (due to the data we collect on everyone as they join) share in the group:

  • A ridiculously slick proposal template

  • Very strong and unique questions to ask on interviews

  • A controversial conversation about referral partners and unique ways of earning them

  • In-depth conversation about how to handle leads acquired at an event/post live events

Strong, strong topics, actionable presentations and advice.

Compound all of this with well north of 50 hours of already recorded training around so many things - lead gen, marketing, automation, referral partners, agency, business, sales, and more.

Compound with the amount of referrals everyone inside are passing and finding for one another.

Compound with the live events coming up starting early '22.

The Collective is the family of agents - the data driven blueprint and the battle tested strategies - that create success in the insurance industry in 2021.


You can check it out for $1 for the first month. Dont love it? Bail. No harm, no foul.

But if you are looking to learn, expand, and become better, you'll see whats happening on the inside and being a smart business owner who makes generally good decisions, you'll become a part of the best family in all of Insurance."


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