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3 Questions you should be asking every lead

Like most insurance agents, you probably start with a templated question and answer session centered on the policy specifics when you receive a new insurance lead, regardless of where it came from. Character inquiries that seek the same information, as important as they are to ask, can be framed in a variety of ways that sound conversational. Interview style inquiries aren't just for gathering data; they're also for making the lead feel at ease, disarming their apprehension about sharing personal information and handing over money to a stranger, and informing them of their options.

The more information you have on a potential customer, the better chance you'll have of providing sensible responses. Set the stage for evaluating each lead's sales potential, delivering, and closing the transaction.

When you contact a new insurance lead, try one or more of these questions that Mike McCormick, one of our Soup founders swears by, and watch how the conversation changes.

"Sometimes asking a few very simple question can make all the difference.

​"​What do you mean?"

"Can you explain?"

"Tell me more about..."

Those three phrases are ones I use almost all the time with people both in sales and friendships.

I was told recently by a friend that I seem like I talk a lot in forums but when we chat in the messenger I let them talk so much.

The observation is on point. And it is by design.

Often times our prospects or clients give us key clues about their wants and needs and as salespeople in sales mode we often miss out in key queues.

Because we're in sales mode, we're waiting to speak rather than listening. Waiting to drop a word track or show off some knowledge.

Sometimes someone says something that makes sense but if you probe a little deeper you learn that you misunderstood what was said or what was said had a deeper or more important meaning to someone than simply the comment that was made.

Do not be afraid to dig into your conversations a little bit.

A longer conversation provides you more info, makes your prospect less likely to want to sit on ANOTHER phone call, builds your rapport and ultimately your relationship.

And let's call a spade a spade...most Agents are not working as much as they should to begin with.

Make the most of the time you have with your prospects. If they're giving you time, give them yours. Learn about them. Care about them. Really dig in.

You will lower your attrition numbers.

You will increase your penetration.

You will have more meaningful relationships.

You will get more referrals (if you ask for them... and damn it ASK FOR THEM!!).

Stop rushing or ignoring queues from the people that that are giving you their time so you can get on to the next one.

You will see a shift in the quality of your conversation, an increase in your close percentage, and a drop in your attrition.


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