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About Us

Michael McCormick

Stonybrook, NY

Villanova University

Career Insurance Agents

Michael McCormick is an award-winning insurance agent, digital marketer, and speaker. Michael has helped thousands of insurance agents in his career achieve freedom from lead vendors by helping them implement scalable digital marketing strategies for their businesses. Michael also co-founded some of the most popular brands in the insurance industry such as Insurance Soup, Career Agent Concepts, Career Insurance Agents, Agency Elephant, Tacobot, Yellow Brick Road, and The Collective Agency Council.


Taylor Dobbie

Midlothian, TX
United States Air Force
Career Insurance Agents

Taylor Dobbie is an award-winning insurance agent, digital marketer, and Speaker. Taylor and his team oversee Career Insurance Agents - a company that helps agents open independent insurance agenices. Taylor oversees over $100,000 in new business premium per day. Taylor also co-founded some of the most popular brands in the insurance industry such as Insurance Soup, Career Agent Concepts, Career Insurance Agents, Agency Elephant, Tacobot, Yellow Brick Road, and The Collective Agency Council.


CJ Hutsenpiller

Mt. Juliet, TN
Hutsenpiller Insurance | Tacobot

CJ Hutsenpiller is an award-winning insurance agent based just outside of Nashville, TN. Cj's team of personal lines insurance agents has grown rapidly - achieving top rankings nationally with several national insurance carriers.

Cj is best known for his ability to create complex insurance-based Messenger Chatbots and automation. CJ was the 2015 Tennessee Agent of the Year recipient from the PIA. He is also the co-founded of Tacobot and The Collective Agency Council.

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Bradley Flowers

Saraland, AL

The Insurance Guys Podcast

Portal Insurance

Bradley Flowers is an award-winning insurance agent and owner of Portal Insurance in Saraland, AL. Bradley is well known for his willingness to help agents and his forward way of thinking in the industry on things such as culture and relationship building.

Bradley has won numerous awards including "Agency of the Future" for Safeco Insurance. He is also a well-known podcaster and has interviewed hundreds of influential individuals including Gary Vaynerchuk, Dave Meltzer, and Jesse Cole.


From 2016-EARLY 2021, Leadership at The Insurance Soup hosted the PREMIERE Marketing and Automation Mastermind in the Industry, Career Agent Concepts. During this time, we taught and supported thousands and thousands of Agents around how to improve the quality and quantity of the opportunities in their Agency. 


Primarily focused on social media, lead generation, automation, and referral partner growth we were very fortunate to win a number of awards from the marketing and insurance communities alike while providing the education, community, and support needed for Insurance Professionals to become self sufficient opportunity creators for their business. 


It was a fantastic run where we saw countless clients go on to win trips, awards, opportunities, and more while growing their book of business in a more efficient, effective, and less expensive way than ever before. 


While we were the teachers and educators of 5,000+ Agents in under 5 years... we actually LEARNED something by working so closely with so many Agents. 


That MOST Agents that came to us...  BELIEVED they had a lead generation problem... not enough leads... poor quality leads.... too expensive a marketing budget to drive the results they were chasing..... 


But the REALITY... was that MOST Agents.....  are struggling to run the BUSINESS properly...  which can often PRESENT ITSELF... as a lack of opportunity


We learned that most Agents have little to ZERO structure.... consistency.... systems.....processes.....word tracks.....around ANYTHING in Agency. 


There were no sales processes uniform throughout the office... no consistent way of handling service....  no consistent way of collecting reviews and referrals.... no consistency in how the office or employees are managed and handled.... no consistent marketing follow up.... no consistent lead source... 




And its the 80% where we are unplanned, unprocessed, unprepared, and unproductive that ultimately makes the 20% of the things we ARE doing well seem of little to no consequence. 


The reality is MOST Agents are capable of building a book of business right up to their own personal capacity...  some Agents can build a $500k book... others a $1.5M book... but at some point the Agent runs out of gas in the tank and hours in the day and needs to begin building an actual business... rather than simply being self-employed. 


Realizing this ultimately led to The Collective Agency Council being born.


Evolving from a Multiple Award Winning Marketing Mastermind to a FULL BLOWN AGENCY MASTERMIND became a conversation of should we...  to WE HAVE TO...  but HOW.... There are SO MANY WAYS to be successful in this industry. 


We decided to lean into our Mastermind the EXACT way that the biggest, best, and greatest CARRIERS and COMPANIES of our great industry guide their decisions....  We decided to intentionally evolve to include data in all our conversations, thought processes, and decisions. 


Every single Agent that JOINS the Collective Agency Council is put through an application that leaves very few stones unturned about who they are as an Agent, how they run their business, and what their goals are and how they see themselves getting there


We leverage the answers given to demonstrate what, how, and where the INDUSTRY as a WHOLE (thousands of Agents worth of data around all questions asked) is doing something well.... or poorly....    


We take Agents who are demonstrably strong in various areas of Agency and tap them to join us to lead conversations and participate on panels when we are digging into their areas of expertise


We are constantly polling our audience on things that are being done in Agency and HOW so we can point out how to improve in every element of Agency life. 


There is no advice being given from the top that has not been vetted for statistical accuracy, ease of use, and ease of deployment into your Agency. 


Need examples?


We have learned that sending "video quotes" generally only improves closing ratios by about 2-4% in most areas of the country but add a time element of recording proposals that actually makes sending video quotes detrimental for most Agents and Agencies. 


We have learned that Agencys that host daily team meetings are approximately 46% larger than offices that do not. 


We have learned that having your insureds sign off on forms declining Life Insurance, Flood Insurance, and various endorsements leads to insureds actually signing up for life and flood insurance an average of 108% more than Agencies that do not use these same forms. 


And it is through these data points that we pick up from the Collective that we are able to have conversation that ultimately allows Agents to understand a move they are considering making before they actually try it.  


Wouldn't you feel more confident trying something if 78% of your peers are telling you it works and works well....   Wouldnt you avoid a strategy that 61% of your peers are telling you flopped? 


The conversation in The Collective helps you avoid and shorten learning curves... make strategic decisions...  avoid mistakes that could cost your organization tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars... and help you learn skills, systems, and processes that help you earn at least that much or more in your Agency. 

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