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The #1 data-driven insurance agency education and mastermind in the industry.

Led by the leaders of Insurance Soup - the largest free community on social media for insurance agents.

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Your experience in The Collective Agency Council includes:

✅ 50+ Hours of step-by-step education around all things agency, marketing, sales, automation, referral partners, business and accounting.

✅ 3+ Weekly Live Trainings on various topics from different leaders in the industry.

✅ Live support group with hundreds of agents and leadership available 24/7/365.

✅ Access to pre-built automations and scripts.

✅ Opportunity to attend multiple live events across the country.

Business Conference

Your leaders include

Industry Educators, Leaders, and Speakers

Agents ranked TOP 20 Nationally w/ multiple insurance carriers

Multiple Award Nominated and Award Winning Marketers & Copywriters

Automation & Technology Specialists

Niche Specialists

Up and coming Young Agents with unique and new perspectives

All lines of business are well represented in The Collective Agency Council
Property | Casualty | Life | Health | Niche
Captive | Independent

The Collective Agency Council is the ONLY mastermind in the industry using DATA to drive conversations and results.

Education & LIVE Training

Over 50 hours of prerecorded instruction around all things Agency with focus on digital and social media marketing and lead generation.


3+ LIVE TRAININGS in our Mastermind Community each WEEK by experts in their subject matter.


Multiple 3 day workshops around the country each year at fun locales. 


Monthly book club where we tackle industry and life improving best sellers

Attract, Hire, Train and Retain Top Talent

Indeed and Career Builder not finding you top talent?


Struggling to vet new employees well?


Wanting to create a better culture?


Need to train people in your office but are not super confident in your own abilities or feel like you are losing too much time?


Having a hard time motivating, managing, leading, & holding the team accountable?


Not sure how to handle HR problems?


The Collective gives you practical and strong solutions for all these problems as well as actual trainings for your team


Leadership in the Collective includes multiple award-winning industry marketers, copywriters, and tech gurus that teach you how to have similar results. 


Not only do you have access to a fantastic marketing education on demand,  we make sure each month to run an easy to duplicate ad that even novices can create and have massive success with. 


Oh yeah... and we also provide you with all the scripting and templates to follow up with the leads you bring in. 



Develop your automations, systems, and processes.

Are you currently running an Agency where there is very little consistency in the day?


Is your Agency success currently dependent on the talent level you are able to retain?


Are things being done and said differently at every desk in your office... or perhaps even transaction to transaction?


Are you spending massive amounts of time, effort, and payroll repeating the same conversations or manually doing repetitive tasks? Inconsistently at that?


You will love getting your Agency all on the same page while you create a well oiled machine that operates uniformly well no matter who you have working in your Agency

Increased Profitability

Whether it is through better cross-sell strategy....smarter workflows... sales scripts that help you close more with budgeting...advice on opening new business lines... how to acquire a new or sell your existing Agency...  consulting with our on-staff accountant and attorney.. helping you locate and acquire help from your carriers and vendors..


The Collective helps you achieve financial goals that have a lasting positive impact on your Agency,  family, and team. 

Grow an army of referral partners

Referral Partners are the lifeblood of every Insurance Agency. Whether you are learning how to generate leads for referral partners, learning how to provide ongoing value to their practices, learning how to build online communities that benefit niches, or simply deploying some of the best referral programs in the industry, The Collective will teach you how to become flush with easy to close business from trusted and valued partners and friends from within and outside 

both your own community and 

our industry at large.


It also doesn't hurt that the hundreds and hundreds of Agents in The Collective are all looking for referrals for you another across social media platforms and groups like hawks.

A preview of some of the training you'll find in The Collective.

Using stealth social
media to find top tier talent.

Using APIs to generate VINs for license plate photo

Joint venture advertising on Facebook for cheap leads and new referral partners

What are other agents saying about The Collective?

Working on Laptop

Are you looking for...

  •  The ability to generate your own exclusive, inexpensive (SOMETIMES FREE), highly targeted opportunity that mirrors your perfect client every single time

  • ​Mastery of Automation that allows your Agency to Save Tremendous Time, Effort, and Energy on repetitive conversations and mundane tasks including templates and campaigns ready to be used immediately

  • ​An Abundance of Referral Partners that PROACTIVELY send you business

  • ​​Systems and Processes that increase efficiency in your business

  • ​New Employee Onboarding Training

  • ​Better Online Reputation, More Reviews, and More Referrals

  • Sales and Wordtrack Training

  • ​Form Templates that Drive Business and keep your Agency Organized

  • ​Best Hiring and Interview Practices 

  • ​Improving Agency Culture.    Management Tips, Tricks, and Hacks - how to motivate, incentivize, and keep top talent 

  • ​Fair and Balanced Vendor and Technology Reviews and Conversations

  • ​Advice on how to Open, Close, Buy, or Sell an Agency 

  • ​Retention and Cross Sell Strategies that Anchor clients and drastically improve penetration, lower attrition, and raise household profitability

  • ​Agency Administration and Human Resource Guidance 

  • ​Accounting and Legal Advice from Accountants and Lawyers who Specialize in Insurance that help you put and keep money in your pocket 

  • ​Social Media Mastery 

  • ​Search Engine Optimization Training - Learn how to Rank on Google

  • ​A Network of Top Agents from Around the Country you can be open with that are not competing with you

  • ​A Referral Network that provides you multiple opportunities a month 

  • ​The occasional excuse to get away to learn and hang with friends in the industry at fun and interesting locales

A business meeting


Owner - Portal Insurance | Co-Host The Insurance Guys Podcast

"Joining the Collective gave me the courage I needed to leave my company and start my own independent agency. Since then, we have won “Agency for the future” by Liberty mutual”, been named an “Insurtech Innovator” and grown our agency from scratch to 8 team members writing in 7 states.


I believe in The Collective so much and have applied so much of it to my career that I now share some of my areas of expertise inside now as a coach & co-owner."

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